Pier 4

From icon to neighborhood

There’s good news and great news! The good news is that soon you’ll be able to come to Pier 4 for more than dinner! For years, people have been drawn to Pier 4, not just by delicious food, but also by views that stretch way out across the harbor and the rare opportunity to dine perched directly over the water.

The great news is you’ll actually be able to stay here, work here, shop here, and even live here! Pier 4 is going to be an extraordinary neighborhood with its own hotel, offices and, of course, intriguing boutiques and restaurants. And it’s all on a pier, complete with boardwalk, jutting right out into the harbor, overlooking Fan Pier Marina on one side and the World Trade Center on the other. What a great place for a walk, or lunch in the park at the end of the pier.

What a great place, as well, to live or work, filled with light reflected off the water, with views to inspire your best ideas or your most meditative moments. Hanover Pier 4 apartments can claim one of the front row seats to everything that happens on the waterfront.
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Pier 4